GS S.r.l. was born in 2010 through its enterprising spirit and commitment to professionalism, combined with its more than 30 years of experience in the field of metal carpentry, refrigeration and cooking components.

In the early months of 2011, driven by the desire to expand its business, GS founded 3 different Departments:

  1. The "Cooking Department”, focusing on the production of components for gas system circuits. The most representative item of this production is the gas rail; The knowledge of this field allowed GS to demonstrate the reliability and seriousness to its acquired customers. Thus, GS reveals the ability to provide a high quality product, both in limited production and in large scale. Among its main clients, there are some of the major appliance manufacturers.
  2. The “Metal Carpentry and Pressing Department”; starting from raw materials (plank, tubes, pipes, laminate, slab etc.) and using the best precision procedures in the market, GS realizes cut, welding, pressing and assembly operations.
  3. The “Construction and marble Department”, totally based on design and production of machineries for processing natural stones (marble, granite, etc.) and construction material.

GS works together I.T.C. Italian Top Class since 2011 and it is his Technical Partner for the production of Italian Top Class machineries. Furthermore GS became official distributor in certain Countries in order to consolidate I.T.C. Brand around the world. You can find more information available on http://www.itcitaliantopclass.com/en/contacts/

Each Department has his own management and development.
The many years of experience, knowhow and expertise have helped GS to maximize the efficiency of its supply chain from product design, production and commercialization. All GS products are the net result of its great attention to details and its passion to create a proud “made in Italy”, the very best product available.

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