Carpenteria metallica

Among the main products of the "Refrigeration Industry Department" we find the drier filters, which are used to eliminate any water particles present inside the refrigeration system.
They are used to remove any particles of water inside of the refrigeration system.
They can be supplied in a full range of diameters, basis weight of the molecular sieve and a wide choice of inlet and outlet both two and three way.

The quantity of molecular sieve is indicated by the clients, on the basis of their plant design needs (capacity of the circuit and the type of refrigerant liquid). They can be supplied with service pipes, loading valves and other accessories

The range of products includes:
Filters having a diameter of from 16 to 24 mm
Input/Output 2/3 way with diameters of holes from 1,9 to 12 mm
Molecular sieve from 5 to 50 grams

In addition to drier filters, GS produces copper accumulators, that is copper pipes worked at the ends and used to increase the volume of the refrigerating system. They can be supplied with service pipes, charging valves and other accessories. The products range from a minimum diameter of 16mm and a maximum of 76mm, in both horizontal and vertical versions, with inlet and outlet holes from 1.9 to 12mm.


GS can also provide mechanical filters (strainers), charge valves, fittings, specific products and customizations according to customer needs and specifications, even with welded parts.
For the complete range of products with relative technical specifications, it is possible to view the website



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